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Vomitorial Corpulence Discography (1998 - 2007)

Skin Stripper 1998

1.Hammer Inflicted Brain Seizure & Hemorrhaging Cranial Cestation
2.Curse or Blessing
3.Malignant Cankerous Brain Feast & Tumorous Cerebral Beverage of the Cranium
6.Stenching Putrefaction of Crepitated Decomposing Carcassile & Eroded Internal Intestinal Tract & Organs
7.Goreaphiler of the Flesh
10.Cudgelate Mephistopheles Brutality
11.Do It
12.One Question & One Answer
13.Festering Insalubrious Bowel Hemorrhaging of Gangrenous Pastulosus & Abdominal Abscess Discharge of the Intestinal Tract
14.Holy Hypocrisy
15.Cadaveric Necroticisum of Neuropathological Catatoniar & Pyrexia Malignant Growth of the Cerebrum
16.Hillbilly Heaven
17.Cerebral Turbulency
18.Turn to Christ
20.Excoriating Karrionic Cankerous Emanation of Sludge & Ulcerated Flesh
22.Grotesque Macoparalent Disgorgement
23.Barnyard Grind
24.Karrionic Hacktician
25.Abolishment of Belial & All Impercating Creation
26.Death Comes Quick
27.Christ is the Demon Crusher

 Karrionic Hacktician 2006

 1.Self Extinction
2.Divine Emperor
3.Prodigal Son
4.The Answer To Life Is ...
5.Baptised Into Death
6.Once And For All
7.Hammering Satans Head
8.Going Against The Grain
9.Suffering The Aftermath
10.Provider Of All
11.Blood Bath Cleansing
12.Your Choice
13.Well Of Happiness
14.Embrace The Afterlife
15.First You Suffer, Then You Die
16.Human Slaughter House
17.Eternal Majesty
18.Dust To Dust
19.Demonic Decapitation
20.Human Platter Menu
21.Bludgeoned To Death
22.Surgical Disgorgement
23.Analysis Complete
Bonus Tracks:
25.Unseen Battle

6-Way Sin Decomposition (split) 2007

1.Flactorophia – Desmembrado En El Mausoleo
2.Flactorophia – Disfigured
3.Flactorophia – Alive
4.Flactorophia – In The Heart Of God
5.Flactorophia – Patética Frustración Escondida En La Inseguridad Del Conocimiento
6.Flactorophia – Catastrophic Death
7.Flactorophia – El Calvario De La Salvación
8.Flactorophia – Exhumation Of The Mutilated Corpse
9.Flactorophia – Where Is Your Daughter?
10.Flactorophia – Eternal Anguish
11.Demonic Dismemberment – Disembowelment Satanicide
12.Demonic Dismemberment – Slow Down And Puke Out Your Bowels For The Master
13.Demonic Dismemberment – Gluttonic Spewage
14.Demonic Dismemberment – Blended Into Putrid Flesh Bile
15.Demonic Dismemberment – Divine Tribulation
16.Demonic Dismemberment – Exhumed Visceral Abominated Rot
17.Demonic Dismemberment – Horrific Mass Sin Mutilation
18.Demonic Dismemberment – Live Gore
19.Demonic Dismemberment – Acto Plasmic Entities Of The Flesh And Horrific Entrails
20.Demonic Dismemberment – Dismemberment
21.Demonic Dismemberment – Spewagly Engrossed Tumour Of Sin
22.Demonic Dismemberment – Maggot Infested Carcassile
23.Demonic Dismemberment – Tear Down False Gods
24.Demonic Dismemberment – Excremental Human Offal
25.Demonic Dismemberment – He Died For You And Me
26.Eternal Mystery – Intro - From Peace To Destruction
27.Eternal Mystery – Blind To Reality
28.Eternal Mystery – Death To The Flesh
29.Eternal Mystery – Blinded By Hatred
30.Eternal Mystery – The Time Is Now
31.Eternal Mystery – The Choice
32.Eternal Mystery – The Choice Pt. 2 (The Right Choice)
33.Eternal Mystery – The Choice Pt. 3 (The Wrong Choice)
34.Eternal Mystery – Cry For Liberty
35.Eternal Mystery – Severed
36.Eternal Mystery – Left Behind
37.Eternal Mystery – Decomposition
38.Eternal Mystery – Human Sacrifice
39.Eternal Mystery – Death's Face
40.Eternal Mystery – Burnt To A Crisp
41.Eternal Mystery – Spiritual Decay
42.Vomitous Discharge – Diagnosis - Sepsia Of Sin
43.Vomitous Discharge – Therapy - Jesus Injection
44.Vomitous Discharge – Holocaustic Dismemberment Of Perversion
45.Vomitous Discharge – Snorting Out The Nasal Mucous
46.Vomitous Discharge – Homo Dementus
47.Vomitous Discharge – Insalubrious Pus Discharged From The Oral Cavity
48.Vomitous Discharge – Regurgitate The Rotting Flesh
49.Vomitous Discharge – Torturous Death Of Pornography
50.Vomitous Discharge – Carrionic Mutilated Demon-Waste
51.Vomitous Discharge – Gore To The World
52.Vomitous Discharge – Maggot's Feast On Lusty Carcass
53.Vomitous Discharge – Sacrificial Splatterfeast At Golgatha Leading To Salvation
54.Vomitous Discharge – The Vomitous Discharge Pt. II
55.Vomitous Discharge – VomitGore ChristCore
56.Engravor – Lured
57.Engravor – Devestation
58.Engravor – Ruin
59.Engravor – Memory
60.Engravor – Lifeless Corpse
61.Engravor – Your Face
62.Engravor – Betrayed
63.Engravor – Mockery
64.Engravor – Reason
65.Engravor – Calamity
66.Engravor – Earth
67.Engravor – Depend
68.Engravor – Useless
69.Vomitorial Corpulence – Bed Of Maggots
70.Vomitorial Corpulence – Why?
71.Vomitorial Corpulence – Christian Does Not Equal Stupid
72.Vomitorial Corpulence – Spiritual Savagery
73.Vomitorial Corpulence – End Of The Age
74.Vomitorial Corpulence – The Clone Machine
75.Vomitorial Corpulence – Dead Faith
76.Vomitorial Corpulence – God Of Your Own Making
77.Vomitorial Corpulence – Religion Of The Heart
78.Vomitorial Corpulence – Gospel Death Squad
79.Vomitorial Corpulence – Burn Forever
80.Vomitorial Corpulence – Perpetual Inner Conflict
81.Vomitorial Corpulence – Dissolution Of Divine Injustice
82.Vomitorial Corpulence – Plastic Saviour

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