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Tempest Discography (1985 - 2003)

Demo 1985

1.Rock On 
2. In His Name 
4.Metal Mission
5. Seek His Face 
6. It's Up To You 
  A Coming Storm 1987

1.Kids Are Gonna Rock 
3. Watch Out 
4.Games with God
5.Tell Me
6. Metal Mission 
7. God's Will Be Done 
8. All My Days 
9. In His Name (Rock On) 
  Eye of the Storm 1988

1.Storms (instrumental)
2.Rock for the Light 
3. Goin' Nowhere 
5. Let Them In 
6. True Love (Never Fades Away) 
7.All for One
8. Eye of the Storm 
9. Lost Without Your Love 
10.Midnight (instrumental)

Limited Edition (compilation) 1997

1.Kids Are Gonna Rock 
3.Watch Out
4. Games with God
5.Tell Me
6.Metal Mission
7. God's Will Be Done 
8.All My Days
9. In His Name (Rock On) 
11. Rock for the Light 
12.Goin Nowhere
13. Good-bye 
14.Let Them In
15. True Love (Never Fades Away) 
16.All for One
17. Eye of the Storm 
18. Lost Without Your Love 
 19.Midnight (instrumental)
  Lost in the Storm (compilation) 1999

1.Fall Down 
2. Break the Chains 
3.Rock On
4. In His Name 
6.Metal Mission
7. Seek His Face 
8. It's up to You 
9. Gingus Fang 
10. Dancing in the Rain 
11. Dancing in the Rain Too!
12. East vs. West 
13. Radio Interview 
 Tempest 1989 Final Show (DVD) 2003

1.All for One (Stage Shot) 
2. All for One 
3. Kids Are Gonna Rock 
4. Lost Without Your Love 
5. Good-Bye 
6. Goin' Nowhere 
7.Tell Me
8. Guitar-solo 
10. Metal Mission 
11. All My Days 
12. True Love (Never Fades Away) 
13. Eye of the Storm 
14. Surfin' USA 

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