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Nattesorg Discography (2007 - 2016)


 Born Again 2007

1.The Son of God
2.Throne of God
3.Fire and Death
4.Forest in the North
5.Born Again
6.Eternal Fire
7.In the Sky
8.With Christ in My Heart
9.Doom and Revelation

 Power Of God  EP 2009

1.Power Of God

A Trre Is Known by Its Fruit 2011

1.The Light of the Body
2. Blessings and Woes 
3.House Built on a Rock 
4.Gadarene Demoniac Healed
5.A Trre Is Known by Its Fruit
6.Light Under a Vessel 
7.Love For Enemies
8.Good Samaritan
9.Judging Others
10.Heavenly Worship

Born Again 2011

1.The Son of God
2.Throne of God
3.Fire and Death
4.Forest in the North
5.Born Again
6.Eternal Fire
7.In the Sky
8. With Christ in My Heart
9.Doom and Revelation
10.The Waiting
11.I Have Been Possessed
12.Follow Him
14.Jesus Er Seier Herre
15.The Samaritan Woman
16.The Last Passover
17.Frelse I Jesu Navn
19. The Blind Man
20.Jesus and You 

Great Catch of Fish 2011

1.Jesus at the Home of Simon the Pharisee
2. A Centurion's Servant Healed
3.Jesus Heals a Palsied Man
4.Feeding of the Five Thousand
5. Mission of the Seventy
6. Parable of the Sower
7. Great Catch of Fish
8.Woman Who Touched Jesus' Garment

 Living By Faith 2011

1.Living By Faith
2.Ye Are The Temple Of The Living God
3.Glorify God In Your Body
4.Saved By Grace
5.One New Man In Christ
6.The Whole Armor Of God

7.Spiritual Blessings In Christ
8.Do All To The Glory Of God

 Nattesorg/Desmodus Rotundus (split) 2011


"Velkommen Til Himmelriket"

1.Evighet og Kjærlighet

2.Jesu Kristi Blod

3.Velkommen til Himmelriket

4.I Jesu Kristi Navn

5.Jesus Døde for Deg
6.Sorgløs Fremtid
7.Tempel for den Hellige Ånd
8. Den som Tror
9. Fri fra Døden

Desmodus Rotundus
 "Sea Became Blood"
10.Lamb Opened One of the Seals
11.Noise of Thunder
12.Come and See
13.Horse That Was Red
14.They Should Kill One Another
15.Behold a Pale Horse
16. Sun Became Black
17. Stars of Heaven Fell Unto the Earth
18.Kings of the Earth
19.Seal of the Living God
20. Worshipped God
21. Be Unto Our God for Ever and Ever
22. White in the Blood of the Lamb
23. Before the Throne Of God
24. They Shall Hunger No More
25. Angel Came and Stood at the Altar
26. Cast It Into the Earth
27.Hail and Fire Mingled with Blood
28.Sea Became Blood
29. Great Star from Heaven
30.Key of the Bottomless Pit
31.Sun and the Air Were Darkened
32. Those Days Shall Men Seek Death
33. Went Unto the Angel
34.Smite the Earth with All Plagues
35. Finished Their Testimony
36.Up To Heaven in a Cloud
37.Glory to the God of Heaven
38.He Shall Reign for Ever and Ever
39. Temple of God Was Opened in Heaven

  I Will Open My Mouth (single) 2013

1.I Will Open My Mouth

 Darkness Into Light 2014

1.Looks Down From Heaven
2.Breathing Out Violence
3.Destroyed The Wicked
4.Keep Your Tongue From Evil
5.His Fire Will Consume Them
6.By Your Sword
7.Established His Throne For Judgement
8.Darkness Into Ligh

 Battle Of Armageddon 2014

1.Battle Of Armageddon
2.Killed For Their Faith
3.End Of The World Holocaust
4.No Horns Or Red Glowing Eyes
5.Antichrists Have Arisen
6.Never Walk The Earth Again
7.Fire That Burns With Sulfur
8.The Beast And The False Prophet

 Mountain In The North 2014

1.Mountain In The North
2.Embrace The Light
3.Beast Of The Earth
4.Signs Of Darkness

From Rage to Fridom 2015

1. From Rage to Fridom
2.Across the Stream 
3.Alredy Have
4.Second Journey
5.A Silver Cup 
6.Restore You
8.Visions of a Man
9.Orderly Worship 
10.Resurrection of the Dead

Wind of Darkness 2016

1.Wind of Darkness
2.Road To Eternity
3.Creation of God
4.The Beast in Chains
6.Look Down To Hell
7.You Shall Not See Destruction
8.The Pit of Hell
9.Lowset Depths
10.Rest From Their Sorrow

In Wrath Remember Mercy (single) 2016

1.In Wrath Remember Mercy

Dragons of the Wilderness  (single) 2016

1.Dragons of the Wilderness 

Scattered upon the Mountains  (single) 2016

1.Scattered upon the Mountains 

Darkness Shall Pursue His Enemies (single) 2016

1.Darkness Shall Pursue His Enemies (Remix) 

Bloody City (single)  2016

1.Bloody City (Remix) 

Violence of the Land  (single) 2016

1.Violence of the Land

Darkness Shall Pursue His Enemies  2016

1.Darkness Shall Pursue His Enemies 
2.Bloody City
3.Above The Stars Of Heaven
4.Violence of the Land
5.In Wrath Remember Mercy
6.God of My Salvation
7.A Wicked Counsellor
8.Scattered Upon The Mountains
9.Dragons Of The Wilderness
10.Four Living Creatures     

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