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Mission of One Discography (2004 - 2013)

Take Another Swig 2004

2.Take Another Swig
3. Life's Just Bad 
4.Sea of Despair
5. Don't Deny 
6.You Are My Lord
7. Give It To Jesus 
8.Rock N Roll
10. Slave To Sin 
11. Talkin' 'Bout Jesus 
12. Sufficient For Me 
13. Hard Working Preacher Man 
 The Future's Already Known (demo) 2004

1.The Future's Already Known
3. You Are My Lord 
4.Sea of Despair
5. Depart From Me 
6. He's Been Good To Me 
  Show Me the Way 2005
2. The Worm Dieth Not 
3.Hell Inside
4. Show Me the Way
6. Role of Harlots 
7,Going Home
9.Dark Days
10. Do We Believe? 
11. Black Widow Woman (Bonus Track) 
 Mission of One 2008

2.Give in to Him 
3.Man Overboard
4. I Will Worship You 
5. He's Been Good To Me 
6.Be Yourself
7. Are You Listening? 
8.The End
9. I'd Do It All Again 
10.I Fall Down

Hostile to the Gospel 2013
1. Crashing Down on You 
2. Does Anybody Care 
3.Feed My Sheep
4. Give into Him 
6. Hostile to the Gospel 
7.I Know
8.No Other
10. Someone Save Me 
11. The Third Door 
12.Walk on Water

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