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Preacher Discographie (2007 - 2009)

Preacher 2007

2.One God No Masters
4.Lost All Control
5.Hit The Brakes
6.Stupid Punk
8.Sick of Porn
9.My Pride
10.I Don't Even Wanna Smile
12.Your Support
13.My Everything
14.Heart In Flames
15.You're My Father
16.Holy Spirit
17.When Does Protest Turn Into Oppression
 Mundtot (Silenced) 2008

1.Mundtot (Silenced)
2.Your Peace
3.Nacht (Night)
4.Schande In Gedanken (Shame In Thoughts)
5.Kill The Web
6.For The People
7.Resign Yourself
8.Schrein (Shrine)
9.The Son
11.Auf Die Strasse (On the Road)
12.Raus Aus St. Pauli (Out From St. Pauli)
13.Jesus Sellout
14.Everybody's Equal
15.All My Friends Are Sad
16.22 - (Blank - 7 Tracks)
23.Klaus aus St. Pauli (Hidden Track)
 Preacher / Crimson Fight / Dragged Out
 Brotherhood: A Three Way Split EP 2008
 1.Preacher - All My Friends Are Sad
2.Preacher - Liars
3.Preacher - Schande In Gedanken
4.Preacher - The Son
5.Crimson Fight - Slamthree
6.Crimson Fight - I Guess We Have Different Ideas About Forever
7.Dragged Out - In All Circumstances
8.Dragged Out - Carpe Vitae
9.Dragged Out - Ninety-One
10.Dragged Out - Fight Or Fall (Salvations Call)
 100 Philistine Foreskins / Preacher (split) 2009

1.100 Philistine Foreskins - Keep Yer Pants On!
2.100 Philistine Foreskins - A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing
3.100 Philistine Foreskins - Zekes Old Bones
4.100 Philistine Foreskins - We Lament The Death Of God In The Heart Of Man
5.Preacher - Eure Welt
6.Preacher - Gewinn
7.Preacher - Alles Wird Gut
8.Preacher - Frei Sein
9.Preacher - Für Immer Mit Christus
10.Preacher - In Vain
11.Preacher - This Darkness
12.Preacher - Elend

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