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Biogenesis Discography (2001 - 2017)

The Mark Bleeds Through 2001

1.The Mark Bleeds Through 
2.Fat Man from China 
3.Legal Murder
4.Inner Child
5.Russian Roulette 
6.Digging Your Grave 
7.Mental Violence 
8.Crystal Ball
9.You Are Not 
10.Anti Evolution 
11.I Am the One
12.Scorning of Wisdom 
13.Father of the New Age 

 The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth 2012

2.Hatred Seed 
4.Point of Origin 
5.Bleed Me
7.The Darkness Fades 
8. Biogenesis
9.The Mark 12
12.Catalyst for Malice 

 The Mark Bleeds Through - First Blood 2013

1.The Mark Bleeds Through 
2. Fat Man from China 
3.Inner Child
4.Russian Roulette
5.Digging Your Grave 
6.Mental Violence
7.Crystal Ball
8.You Are Not 
9.Anti Evolution 
10.I Am the One
11.Scorning of Wisdom 
12.Father of the New Age 
13.Digging Your Grave (Demo) 
14.The Mark Bleeds Through (Demo) 
15.Mud Vein
16.Broken Vows 
17.Do You Remember Me 

A Decadence Divine  2017

1.Prelude (Nocturnal Images)
2.A Decadence Divine
3.Inside the Beast
4.Bet Your Soul
5.As Empires Fall
6.Lines in the Sand
7.The Pain You Left Behind
8.Tears of God
9.Land of Confusion
10.In the Darkness I Dwell
11.Brood of Vipers
12.Silence (CD Only bonus track)

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