Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2014

Geistkrieg Discography (2006 - 2015)

Demo 2006

1.Spiral of War 
2.Awaken To Trumpets 
3.Pecular Compulsion 
4.Cobwebs Are Useless For Clothing

Gods Hand Killers EP (demo) 2007

1.Gods Hand Killers - Bootless Blood Sale
2.Gods Hand Killers - Slithering Sewage
3.Gods Hand Killers - Swimming in Filth
4.Gods Hand Killers - Chaotic Disallowance

P​!​G3ON - From the Depths of Procrastination 2015

1.P!G3ON - I Want to Be Swift Like Justice
2.P!G3ON - Monsters Are Strong
3.P!G3ON - White Knucklin'
4.Don't Let it End Like This
5.P!G3ON - Enjoy the Sickness
6.Gutters Ain't for Swimmin
7.P!G3ON - Damned Demons Won't Give Up
8.P!G3ON - The Worstest
9.P!G3ON - Watch Yo' Head!
10.P!G3ON - Quagulated Rigor Mortis

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