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And All Shall Bow Discography (2013 - 2017)

With Heart Anew EP 2013

1.With Heart Anew
2.O Lord, Calm the Storm Within Me
3.Repent, Ye Followers of the Worldly
5.Spread the Word, Children of God
6.Outro / Victory

Seas of Fallacy (single)  2013

1.Seas of Fallacy (Save Me from Drowning) 

Overture (single) 2013


O Lord, Calm The Storm Within Me (single) 2013

1.O Lord, Calm The Storm Within Me (Acoustic Remake) 

From Requiem to Rebirth EP 2013

1.Requiem: Overture 
2.Requiem: The Decline
3.Requiem: The Requiem
4.Requiem: Isolation & Fallacy 
5.Rebirth: Still Hopeful (Through Darkness)
6.Rebirth: Let Me Live for You, Lord 
7.Rebirth: The New Beginning 
8.Rebirth: O Lord, Calm the Storm Within Me (Acoustic Remake)
9.The Requiem (Remix)

Spill the Devil's Blood (single) 2014

1.Spill the Devil's Blood

Unreleased Vol. 1 EP 2014

1.Red Letters (instrumental)
2.Duality in Grey  (instrumental)
3.Spill the Devil's Blood
4.Defeating Darkness 
5.Spiritual Warfare 
6.Defeating Darkness (remix) 

Kingdom (single) 2014


A Serpent's Demise (single) 2015

1.A Serpent's Demise

Beyond The Lens 2017

2.The Only Truth
3. The Martyr and The Sword
5.Narrow Lens
6.Beyond The Lens
7.Overcome (Through Christ)
9.Beyond The Lens (instrumental)
10.The Only Truth (instrumental)      

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