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Cryptic Embrace Discography (2011 - 2014)

Towards the Tree of Death and Life (demo) 2011

1.Towards the Tree of Death and Life  (instrumental)
2. Cryptic Embrace 
3.Beyond the Stars (instrumental)
4. Wages of Sin 
5.Blood Sacrifice
6. In Gloria Excelsis Deo  (instrumental)
7. Enter the Narrow Gate (Bonus Demo Track) 
8. Armour of God (Bonus Demo Track) 

 Risen from the Crypt EP 2011

1.Risen (Intro) instrumental
2. As Ruin Falls 
3. Garden of Grief and Bloody Tears 
4. Broad of Vipers 
5.Ticking Time (instrumental)

Accursed Sigils EP 2012

1.Cast the First Stone 
2. God So Loved the World 
3. You Must Be Born Again 
4. Accursed Sigils
5. By His Stripes We Are Healed 

Passion of the Christ 2013

1.Voice in the Wilderness 
2.Prepare the Way
3. Who Do You Say He Is 
5. Every Knee Shall Bow 
6.Love Your Enemies
7.Born Again
8. Cast the First Stone 
9. Accursed Sigils 2
10.By His Stripes 

 Heroes of the Faith EP 2013

1.The Great Apostasy 
2. Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
3. Heroes of the Faith 
4.Mark of the Beast
5.Empire of Evil
6. The Great Whore upon the Beast 

 Coming upon the Clouds of Heaven EP 2014

2.Defeated Foe
3. Eyes of Fire 
4.Lamb of God
5. Cleansing Blood of God 
6. Coming upon the Clouds of Heaven 
7. Spectral Spheres

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