Mittwoch, 21. Mai 2014

Zion Discography (1984 - 2007)

Rock for Eternity (demo) 1984

1.Rock for Eternity
2.Your Love
3.Jesus Loves
4. Full of Fire 
5. You Need Jesus
6.Joy of the Lord
7. Discontented Man 
8.One Solitary Life
9. Time Is Running Out 
10. Never Had the Chance 
  Roll the Rock/Less of Me (single) 1987

1. Roll the Rock
2. Less of Me
  Thunder from the Mountain 1989
1. Who Pulls the String 
2.Kick in the Gates
3. Is It a Crime 
4.Help Me
5. Thrillseeker 
6.Sold You a Lie
7. Roll the Rock 
8.Less of Me
9. He Loves You 
  Thrillseeker (compilation) 2007

1.Who Pulls The Strings 
2. Kick In The Gates Of Hell 
3. Drum & Bass Solo 
4.Backstage Humor
5. He’s Got Power 
6.Radio Snippet
7. Rock For Eternity 
8.Your Love
9.Big Fall
10. Roll The Rock 
11. Thrillseeker

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