Samstag, 17. Mai 2014

Neocracy Discography (2005 - 2012)

Burning an Empire 2005

1.Burning an Empire 
2.Exploding Slowly 
3.So Cold
5.Secret Demise 
6.Lazer Death Zone 
8.I Can't Believe 
9.Living Room's Prison 
10.(hidden track) 

 Instruments of Abandonment 2006

1.Blood and Bone Tranquility 
2.Cesae of Decay
3.Violence Solved Everything 
4.Death of Harmony
5.In the Dark 
6.Dreadful Things (instrumental)
7.The Citadel 
8.Sanctum Fall 
9.Killing Integrity 

  The Instinct for Conflict EP 2008

1.Winter of the Sullen 
2.Lost Divine
3.Here’s to the Reckoning 
4.The Instinct for Conflict
5.Coward’s Hymn 

  The Fourth 2012

1.The Kingdom 
2.On This Grave
3.I Believe in the Sun
4.The Fourth
6.Daughter of Babylon 
7.Forever Dominion

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