Samstag, 31. Mai 2014

Exhumed Alive - "Maggot Infected Mind Rot" 2009

Maggot Infected Mind Rot 2009

1.Revitalized Rot
2.Still Born King
3.Ritualistic Cannibalism
4.Lukewarm Vomit
5.Human Sacrifice
7.Final Autopsy
8.Stench Of Rotten Brain Matter Decay
9.The End?
11.From A Mutilated Corpse
12.Empty Eye Sockets
13.Rotting, Yet Alive
14.Regurgitated Human Heart
15.Homocidal Delusion
16.The Nature Of Maggots
17.Hollowed Out Human Carcass
18.Infectious Discharge
19.Damned Cadaver Pt. 1 (The Decay)
20.Vomit Filled Cranial Cavities
21.Shelter Of Offal Discharge
23.Flesh Eating Disease
25.Viscus Compaction
26.Sewage Induced Inebreation
27.Splatter Of The Bells (Bonus)

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