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Jacobs Dream Discography (1996 - 2013)

Demo '96

2.The Jewel
3. Of Love and Sorrow 
4.The Violent Truth
5. Sarah Williams 
6.Rape of Innocence
7. The Outer Realm 

 Jacobs Dream 2000

3.Scape Goat
4. Mad House of Cain 
5. Tale of Fears 
7.Black Watch
8. Love & Sorrow 
9.The Gathering
10. Never Surrender 
11. The Bleeding Tree 
12. Violent Truth (Bonus track) 

  Theater of War 2001

2. Theater of War 
3. Traces of Grace 
5.The Warning
6. Sarah Williams 
7. De Machina Est Deo 
8.Black Souls
9. Critical Mass 

Drama of the Ages 2005

1. Drama of the Ages
2.Keeper of the Crown
3. Spinning Leaf 
4.Stand or Fall
5. Tempest 
6.Third Way
7. Forever Winter 
8.Drowning Man
9. Deceiver of the Nations 
10.Cutting Words
12. At the Gates 
13. Pachelbel's Canon in D (instrumental)

  Dominion of Darkness 2008

1.Demon World
2.Can't Break 
3. Curse of Antikythera 
4.Hands of Doom (instrumental)
5.Don't Talk
6. Hero
7.Dark Alliance 
8. Embraced by Sorrow 
9. Dissolution of Purity 
10. Violent Kingdom 
11.Awaken the Man
12. End of Days 
13. Mercy Killing 

Beneath the Shadows 2009

1.Welcome to My World 
2.Minds Will Burn
4. Illusive Dream 
5. Hand Full of Dust 
6. The Hell That I Breathe 
7. The Darkest Hour 
8.All My Fears
9. Reborn in Fire 
10. Beneath the Shadows
11. The Blessing and the Curse 

The Demo Years (Demo '96) 2013

Side A
2.The Jewel
3. Of Love and Sorrow 
4.The Violent Truth

Side B
1.Sarah Williams 
2.Rape of Innocence
3. The Outer Realm

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