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Eden's Way Discography (2003 - 2008)

Eden's Way 2003

2. Eden's Way 
3. Praise His Name 
4.I Thank You
5. Turn it Around 
6.Don't Walk Away
7. Son of God 
8. I'll Cry for You 
9. I Want to See You in Heaven 
  441 (Four for One) 2004
1.Psalm 23
2.No Doubt
3. One Way Ride 
4. All You Need Is Love 
5.Here for Me
6. Come and Get It 
7. Heed These Words 
8. Long Way from Home 
9. Now I'm Saved 
10.All Your Love
11. Armed with the Cross 

Rock Solid 2006

1.Ask Yourself
2.I'm on the Rock 
3.How Much Love
4. Rock Solid
5.One Chance
6. Life After the Tomb 
7. Jesus Rush 
8.Unto You
12. Come on, Let's Go
13. How Can I Live 
IV 2008
2. Everybody Wants Him 
3. I Live for Him 
4.All I Need
5. Tough Love 
6. It’s All About Him 
8.Jesus Is His Name
9. All for Love 
11. Untitled

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