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Halcyon Way Discography (2002 - 2014)

Blind Eyes to the Sky (demo) 2002

1.Blind Eyes to the Sky
2.1000 Points Of Night 
3.The Hidden
4.Sell Me The Infection 

 Deliver the Suffering EP 2004

1.Deliver the Suffering
2.Manifesto For Domination 

A Manifesto for Domination 2008

2. A Manifesto for Domination
3. Blind Eyes to the Sky 
4.The Hidden
6.Deliver the Suffering 
8.A Thousand Points of Night 
9.Communicate With the Violence 
10.I Fought the World 
11.The Lonely Road 
12.Physician, Heal Thyself 

 Building the Towers 2010

1.Rise To Revise 
2.Death of A Dream 
3.The Age of Betrayal 
4.The System
6.Mouth Without A Head 
7.Desecration Day 
8.Icon of Resolution 
9.Inside Looking Out (The Icon & the Ghost) 
10.Building the Towers 

 IndoctriNation EP 2011

1.On Black Wings 
2. Our Darkest Hour 
4. Revolution Is Now 
5. The Wages of War 
6. The Age of Betrayal (Radio Edit) 
7.Stand Up
8. The System (Karbon Black Remix) 

Conquer  2014

2.Web of Lies 
3.Conceived in Torment 
5.World Comes Undone 
7.Hatred Is My Cause 
8.The Poisoned Apple
9.Save Your Tears 
10.Every Second Counts
11.King of Ruin
12.Eviscerate the Morning Sun

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