Sonntag, 25. Mai 2014

Baphomet Evisceration - "Baphomet Evisceration" EP 2008

Baphomet Evisceration EP 2008

1.The Coming Judgement
2.Comic Book Messiah
3.The Comatose State Of The Church
4.Shredded To Pieces
5.Benny Hinn
6.Infested With Worms
7.Zombified And Brain Dead
8.Putrid Stench Of Vomit Remnants
9.We Will Not Back Down
10.Rigor Mortis
11.Wretched Stench Of..
12.Sick And Twisted
13.Every Corpse For Himself (Feat. Felipe Diez - Encryptor)
14.Judgement At The Great White Throne (Feat. Felipe Diez - Encryptor)

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