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Titanic Discography (1995 - 2007)

Unsinkable (demo) 1995

1.Watching You 
2. Hollywood Blvd 
3. Ocean Of Blood 
4.Gods of War

Maiden Voyage 1996
2. You've Got Nothing on Me 
3.Gods of War
4. And the Dead Shall Rise 
5.Ocean of Blood
6. Hollywood Blvd 
7. I Don't Believe 
8.Fight Back
9. I Am Watching You 
10.Freak Show

Maiden Voyage (single) 1996

1.Suicide Dr. 
  2 Song CD Sampler (demo) 1997

1.Don't Care 

Screaming in Silence 2002

1.The Band Plays On 
4. As I Am 
5. See Through My Eyes 
6.Carnival of Souls
7. Broken Toys 
8.Web Dreams
9. Questions 
10. Screaming in Silence
11. Ocean of Blood 
12.Gods of War
13. Hollywood Blvd 
  Wreckage (compilation) 2007

1.Ocean of Blood 
3. I Am Watching You 
4.The Sea
5. Hollywood Blvd
6. Carnival of Souls 
7.Gods of War
8. Screaming in Silence 
10. Dead Men's Bones 
11.Web Dreams
12. Time
13.Shovel the Coal 
14. Don't Care (feat. Robert Sweet on Drums) 
15. Freakshow (feat. Robert Sweet on Drums) 
16. Ocean of Blood (feat. Robert Sweet on Drums) 
17. I Am Watching You (feat. Robert Sweet on Drums) 
  Full Steam Ahead 2007

1.Shovel the Coal 
2. Dead Men's Bones 
3.Deep Down
4. Captain of the Ship 
5.Holy Ground
6. Sons of Thunder 
7.Upon the Cross
8. Wisdom 
9.The Wind
10.The Sea
12.Come Home

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