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Your Chance to Die Discography (2008 - 2017)

Your Chance to Die Demo 2008

1.Theme Song
2.This One's for You
3.Hell's Ballroom

Verdict for the Gods EP 2009

1.Verdict For The Gods (4:23)
2.Rebirth (3:59)
3.Theme Song (3:43)
4.Hell's Ballroom (4:45)
5.This One's For You (4:12)

Verdict for the Gods 2009

1.Intro (Caprice 24 Paganini) (1:09)
2.Theme Song (3:43)
3.When Dead Men Rise (4:33)
4.Silence Before Eternity (3:45)
5.Hell's Ballrom (4:21)
6.Terror (4:14)
7.This One's For You (4:14)
8.Rebirth (3:59)
9.Verdict for the Gods (4:23)

 Slaughter of the Innocents (single) 2011

1.Slaughter of the Innocents (4:20)

 Suscitatio Somnus 2011

1.Prochusio : Judgement Is Nigh
2.Divine Pestilence
3.Libations Of Blood
4.Annuit Coeptis
5.Ningun Atardecer es Iqual
6.Slaughter Of The Innocents
7.Requiem For The Blessed Damned
8.Measure Of Iniquity
9.Verdict For The Gods

  The American Dream 2013

1.Ba'Ca (The Weeping) 
2.Kolotajem (Religious Salvation)
3.Renenet (All Consuming Wealth) 
4.Aphordisia (Flaming Lust) 
5.Conscience (The Great I Am) 
6.Ma'Vet (Death) 
7.Woq'ochaj Rax 
8.Oscuridad (The Darkness) 
9.Virus (Suffocating Addiction) 
10.Acedia (Spiritual Complacency) 

Ex Nihilo 2017

2.End of Siege
6.Shadow and Flame
8.Ignite the Sky   

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