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SorrowStorm Discography (2002 - 2008)


Caverns of Grief 2002

1.Breed the Tyrants 
2.Nocturnal Apparition 
3.Enslaver of Hateful Souls 
4.The Arduous Warpath 
5.Caverns of Grief 
6.Silent Plagues 
7.Ensemble of Perdition 
8.Chanting the Last Passages 

Funeral Oath EP 2003

1.Cursed Fires of Gehenna 
2.Occult Moon 
3.Funeral Oath and Resurrection 

 Collected Works (compilation) 2004

1.Cursed Fires of Gehenna 
2.Occult Moon
3.Funeral Oath and Resurrection 
4. Breed The Tyrants 
5.Nocturnal Apparition 
6.Enslaver of Hateful Souls 
7.The Arduous Warpath 
8.Caverns of Grief 
9.Silent Plagues 
10.Ensemble of Perdition 
11.Chanting the Last Passages 
12.Blackness Reality (Performed by Nocturnal Faith) 

 Onward 2008

1.Road to Redemption 
2.Towers of Ancient Wisdom 
4.Cursed Fires of Gehenna 
5.Occult Moon
6.Funeral Oath and Resurrection 
7.Breed the Tyrants 
8.Enslaver of Hateful Souls 
9.Nocturnal Apparation 
10.Caverns of Grief 
11.Blessed Are the Martyrs 
12.Silent Plagues 
13.The Ardous Warpath 
14.Ensemble of Perdition 
15.Chanting the Last Passages

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