Donnerstag, 20. Dezember 2012

Quest for Serenity Discography (2012 - 2014)

Within the Labyrinth 2012

1.A Life Lost 
4. The Quest 
5. Within the Labyrinth
6. Metamorphosis 

 Embrace of Thorns (single) 2012

1.Embrace of Thorns 
2.Oh the Pain, Oh the Joy 

  Whispers of Despair 2012

1.Hidden Sorrows 
2.Glimpse of the Past 
3.Oh the Pain, Oh the Joy 
4.Embrace of Thorns 
5.Whispers of Despair 
6.Surrounded by the Unseen 
7.Reign of Chaos 
8.Blessed Are Those 

 Beyond the Labyrinth 2012

1.The Shimmering (instrumental)
2.Quest for Serenity 
3.Beyond the Labyrinth
4.Bathed in Moonlight 
5.Frozen Silence (instrumental)
6.Battle of the Will 
7.Winter Fortress 
8.A New Dawn 

  Moonlight Worship 2013

1.The Awakening 
2.Apparitions from the Mist 
3.Pathways of the Guided 
4.Forgotten Sorrows 
5.Night Watch 
6.The Call to Gather 
7.Moonlight Worship 
8.Final Prayers 

  Amidst the Tempest 2013

1.Before the Storm 
2.Winds of Change 
3.When the Waters Rise 
4.Amidst the Tempest 
5.Within the Throes 
6.Distant Shores 
7.Perils of the Deep 
8.Divine Anchor 
9.Hidden Beneath 

  Into a New Dimension 2014

1.Beyond Known Boundaries (instrumental)
2.Darkened Horizon 
3.Intensive Search (instrumental)
4.Inner Conflict 
5.Unknown Entities 
6.Maximum Overload 
7.Into a New Dimension (instrumental)
8.The Undiscovered Country 
9.Flight of Victory (instrumental)

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