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Dark Night Discography (2011 - 2016)

Night of Halloween 2011

1.Night of Halloween
2. The Tale of the Family Ghost 
3. Midnight Vampire 
4. A Dead Love 
5. Sarah Alone 
6. The Secret Society of Shadows 
7. Halloween Spell 
8. Lose in the Shadows 
9. Abaddoned in the Graveyard 
10. Conspiracy 
11. The Illuminati 
12. Black Funeral 
13. Cemetery Night 

 Cemetery Porter 2012

1.New York, Dreams in the Night 
2. Spell of Halloween 
3. Alone in the Dark 
4.Cemetery Portrer
5. Rest in Peace My Dear 
6. Cemetery Night 2: In Memory of My Dearly Beloved 
7. Sleeping Little Baby 
8. America (Haven cover) 
9. Sleeping in Grave 
10. The Old Church 

  Tales after Midnight 2013

1.Night of Horror 
2. The Mansion in Darkness 
3. Six Feet Underr in My House 
4. Welcome to the Sabbath 
5. Conspiracy of Souls 
6. The House of Terror 
9. Night of the Crypt 
10. Tales after Midnight
11. In the Dark Side 
12. Mr. Coachman (The Accusation) 
13. Sleep Little Spring Hill (Bonus Track) 
14. Halloween in Kansas (Bonus Track) 
15. The House of Terror, Pt. 1 / Intro (Bonus Track) 
16. The Wolf Man (Bonus Track) 
17. Dark Night (Bonus Track) 
18. My Precious Little Girl (Bonus Track) 
19. In My Dreams (Bonus Track) 

 Zombie 2014

1. Tomb of Zombies (Intro) 
2. Countess Vampire 
3. Night of Horror 
5. The Walking Dead 
6. Carrousel of Illusions 
7.Living Dead
8. Ghost Embrace 
9. Dead Bury the Dead 
10. Shadows in the Dark 
11. Welcome to Sanitarium (Bonus)

Day of the Dead 2016

1.The House
3.Silent Tears
4.House of Dolls
5.Day of the Dead 
7.Homeless Child 
8.Judgement of Evil 
9.The Night
10.Lost Souls
11.Time of the Dead

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