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Azorrague Discography (2008 - 2015)

Lies Empire EP 2008

1.First Sacrifice 
2.Lies Empire
3.Thief's Day (The Second Coming) 

 Die With Us 2011

1.Die With Us
2.First Sacrifice
3.The Old Man
4.Lies Empire
5.Breaking the Death Chains
6.Light to the Darkness
7.Plagues for the Pharaoh I
8.Plagues for the Pharaoh II
9.Prophecy Coming Grace
10.With His Blood
11.Put on the Armour
12.Thief’s Day

Fall By Pride EP 2014

1.First Sacrifice
2.Lies Empire
3.Thief's Day (Lies Empire EP)
4.Thief's Day (Demo Essay 2006)
5.Thief's Day (Die with Us Album)
6.Fall By Pride

Acéldama / Azorrague / Consuming Fire / Almagor 
 Consecrated Sacrifice - Romans 12.1 (split) 2015

1.Almagor - Blender of Demons
2.Acéldama - Essence of Impurity
3.Azorrague - Fall by Pride
4.Consuming Fire - One Thousand Year Reign

 Bringer of Terror 2015

1.Bloody Hands
2.Bringer of Terror 
 3.A Voodoo Journey 
4.Devil's Army Destruction 
5.Funeral Invitation 
6.O Ciclo Maldito Da Perversao 
7.The Voice Of Who Cries 
8.Catapulted To The Void 
10.For All I Believe 
11.Fall By Pride

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