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Abated Mass of Flesh Discography (2011 - 2017)


Moth and Rust in the Temple of Putridity EP 2011

1.Intro - Saul I Am 
2.Moth and Rust in the Temple of Putridity 
3.Humble King 
5.Galatians 5 
6.To Test with Fire 
7. Rabboni - True Vision 

Skin Stripped Away (single) 2011

1.Skin Stripped Away 

The Killer in Me (single) 2012

1.The Killer in Me 

Brutal Death EP 2013

1.Mouth Of The Tomb
2.The Killer In Me
3.Skin Stripped Away
4.Inquitous Decimation
6.Parasitic Contamination

 Deathcrusher EP 2014

1.Immanent Putrescence 
2. Within The Confines Of Mortiferous Lamentation 
3.Carve Away
4.The Exalted
5. Posthumous Transfiguration 
6. Deathcrusher

The Omen King 2014

1.New Creation
2.Gather In Strength
3.Saul I Am
4.Iniquitous Decimation
5.Mouth Of The Tomb
6.The Killer In Me
7.Rise From Hell
9.The Omen King
10.Vital Extrication (Feat. Jacob Mathes of Broken Flesh)

 Abbhorent Postmortal Vicissity EP 2015

1.Repulsive Virulent Dissemination
2. Interminable Enslavement 
3. Parallels Of Poignant Entropy 
4. Perpetual Repudiation 

Descending Upon The Deceased  2016

1.Mouth Of The Tomb
3.Vital Extrication
4.Premonitions Of The Infected
5.Iniquitous Decimation
6.Saul I Am
8.Descending Upon The Deceased  

Infectious Womb  (single) 2017

1.Infectious Womb 

Shadowed By Light  (single) 2017

1.Shadowed By Light

Lacerated 2017

1.Infectious Womb
2.Gouged Out
4.Shadowed By Light
5.Echoes Of Atrocity 
6.Impenetrable Darkness
7.The Ghost

Drowning Beneath (single) 2017

1.Drowning Beneath  

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