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Diamoth Discography (2002 - 2017)

Demo #1 2002

1.Perra Fortuna 
2.Frutos Podridos 
4.Almas Vendidas

 Run In My Way (single) 2002

1.Run In My Way

Promo CD Black Metal (demo) 2003

1.Only Under Sound 
2.Smoked My Soul

  Occult Demo 2003

1.Smoked My Soul 
2.Funeral Healing 
3.Only Under Sound 
4.Legacy Of Sect 
6.Occultist Of The World 
7.Storm Wet My Thrash

 Diamoth Demo 2004

2.Vida Eterna 
3.Criaturas Paganas 
4.Viajeros Del Mundo 

 Diamoth / Nergal (split) 2004

1.Diamoth - Intro 
2.Diamoth - Run In My Ways 
3.Nergal - The Angel of the Flames 
4.Nergal - Outro

 Imagen Social (demo) 2006

1.El Comienzo 
2.Imagen Social 
3.Roma XX 
6.El Fin

Distorkion EP 2008

2.Right Men
 3.Blind Conception 
4.Demon Crusher

 Distorkion 2008

  1.Intro (A Sight to the World) 
 2.Right Men 
 4.Blind Conception
 5.Run to the Light 
 7.Demon Crusher 
 8.Outro (Distorkion)

Respite 2009

 1.Intro (The Paradise And The Abyss) 
 2.Purgatum Anima 
 4.Volver Al Self 
 5.Mentis I (El Mal En Si Mismo) 
 6.At The End Into The Armageddon Holocaust 
 7.Dieu Donne Notre Lux 
 8.Pathetic Illusion of Pseudo Man 
 9.Get Out 
 10.Visions Of Truth 
 11.Interlude (Act Of Possession) 
 12.Darkness Control [Bonus Track] 
 13.Fear No Evil [Bonus Track] 
 14.Outro (The New Era Begins)

This Is War (Demo '09)

  1.This Is War 
 2.Spiritual Fight 
 4.Bigger Than World

Apocalyptic Anthems 2010

 1.Eternal Determination 
 2.The Judgement By The White Throne 
 3.Cast Into The Lake of Fire 
 5.The Valley Of The Shadows 
 6 .Unfaithful 
 7.Revelation Nine

Diamoth / Dying Blaze  Under the Wings of Grace (split) 2010

1.Diamoth - Introduction "Into the Battle" 
2.Diamoth - This Is War 
3.Diamoth - Spiritual Fight 
4.Diamoth - Falsifiability 
5.Diamoth - Bigger Than World 
6.Dying Blaze - Deicide 
7.Dying Blaze - Dennitsa, Son of Dawn 
8.Dying Blaze - Garden of Gethsemane 
9.Dying Blaze - Soul Under Ground

Crushed In Accusations EP 2010

1.Part I (The Court) 
 3.The Name Of Misery 
 4.Part II (Historical Evidence) 
 5.Avocational Crimes 
 6.Part III (The Verdict) 
 7.Crushing Accusation

 Diamoth / White Throne  A Blast From Immortality (split) 2011

 2.This Is War 
 3.Spiritual Fight 
 5.Bigger Than World 
 6.Crushing Accusation 

White Throne:
 7.Ice Crystals 
 8.The Frozen Forest 
 9.Before I Die

After Darkness EP 2011

1.Into Destruction 
 2.The Grave Of Souls 
 3.Tiempos Apocalípticos 
 4.Warfare Inside 

Vade Retro (demo) 2012

 2.Vade Retro 
 3.River Of Distress 
 4.Forgive And Forget

Rehearsal 2011 (demo) 2012

3.Warfare Inside
4.This Is War
5.The Grave of Souls
7.Roma XXI (Black Leather Song)

Dead Regime  (compilation) 2012

1.Into Destruction(instrumental)
2.The Grave of Souls
3.Tiempos Apocalípticos
4.Warfare Inside
7.Vada Retro
8.River of Distress
9.Forgive and Forget

Retroactive  (single) 2012


Apocalyptic Anthems 2010

 1.Eternal Determination 
 2.The Judgement By The White Throne 
 3.Cast Into The Lake of Fire 
 5.The Valley Of The Shadows 
 6 .Unfaithful 
 7.Revelation Nine
 This Is War (Demo '09) 2017
  1.This Is War 
 2.Spiritual Fight 
 4.Bigger Than World

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