Samstag, 26. Juni 2010

One Bad Pig Discography (1986 - 2016)

A Christian Banned  EP 1986

2.Sleepin' With The World
3.Make Me Burn
4.Blow And Go
5.Anarchy Is Prison
6.Life's A Bomb

 Smash 1989

2.Isaiah 6
3.Let´s Be Frank
4.People Cry Out
5.Frat Rats
6.Smash The Guitar
7.Kingdom Come
8.Take A Flying Leap
9.I´m Not Getting Any Older
10.Looney Tune
11.Don´t Be Fooled Blow And Go
12.Blow And Go

Judas Kiss (single) 1990

1.Judas Kiss

Swine Flew 1990

1.See Me Sweat
2.Altar Ego
3.Hey Punk
4.Red River
5.Bowl Of Wrath
6.Big Stomach
7.Christmas Time
8.Judas' Kiss
10.Thrash Against Sin
11.Swine Flew
12.When Your Love Died
13.We Want You

 I Scream Sunday 1991

1.Take A Look At Yourself
2.You're A Pagan
3.I Scream Sunday
4.The Man In Black (Feat. Jhonny Cash)
5.Not Love Money
6.Cut Your Hair
7.For A Good Man
8.Ice Cream Sundae
9.Bird Nest
10.Up The Nose
11.Spirit Of Murder
12.Sober Up
13.Pad Thai
14.Never Forget The Cross
15.Wholly My Lord

 Live: Blow The House Down! 1992

1.Prelude: Green Acres Theme
2.Take A Look At Yourself
3.Hey Punk
4.Smash The Guitar
5.I Scream Sunday
6.Red River
7.Judas Kiss
8.Cut Your Hair
9.Bowl Of Wrath
10.Isaiah 6
11.Let´s Be Frank
12.Altar Ego
13.Swine Flew
15.Kosher Talks
16.Ice Cream Sundae
17.Looney Tune
18.Rock The Casbah
19.Never Forget The Cross

 Live: Blow The House Down! (VHS) 1992

1.Take A Look At Yourself
2.Hey Punk
3.Smash The Guitar
4.I Scream Sunday
5.Red River
6.Judas Kiss
7.Cut Your Hair
8.Bowl Of Wrath
9.Isaiah 6
10.Let´s Be Frank
11.Altar Ego
12.Swine Flew
14.Kosher Talks
15.Ice Cream Sundae
16.Looney Tune
17.Rock The Casbah
18.Never Forget The Cross

 Quintessential One Bad Pig, Vol. 1 (Best) 1994

1.People Cry Out
3.I Am The Chief
4.Let´s Be Frank
5.I´m Not Getting Any Older
6.The Man In Black (Feat. Jhonny Cash)
7.Life´s A Bomb
8.Sleepin´ With The World
9.Isaiah 6
10. Red River
11.Be Not Alarmed (Bonus Track)

 Live At Cornerstone 2000

1.Intro/Take A Look At Yourself
2.See Me Sweat
3.Life's A Bomb
4.Thrash Against Sin
5.Let's Be Frank
6.A Surprise From Paul
7.Judas' Kiss
8.Phillip & Paul Confabulate
9.People Cry Out
10.Red River
11.Isaiah 6
12.Kosher Exhortation
13.Are You Ready For More?
14.Ice Cream Sundae
15.Who's In The Band?
16.Looney Tune
17.Smash The Guitar/Big Finish/Outro

 Live At Cornerstone (Bootleg) 2002

1.Altar Ego
2.Hey Punk
3.Swine Flew
4.Rock The Casbah
5.Smash The Guitar
6.Isaiah 6
7.Red River
8.Make Me Burn
9.Kosher Message
10.Cut Your Hair
11.Looney Tune
12.Ice Cream Sundae

 Pigs In A Blanket - Fans Cover OBP (Tribute) compilation 2011

1.Anvah – Never Forget The Cross
2 .The Scooterz – Blow & Go
3.Spoken Groove – You're A Pagan
4.Lordchain – See Me Sweat
5.Ed Fleab w/S. Nelson & LSM – Let's Be Frank
6.Sean Bartlett – Big Stomach
7.Crimson Thorn – Hey Punk
8.Wear That Shoe – Cut Your Hair
9.Lordchain – When Your Love Died
10.Spiral Cruciifixion – For a Good Man
11.Slamcat / Deuteronomium – Red River
12.I Scream Sunday – I Scream Sunday
13.Three Times Fire – Bowl Of Wrath
14.The Guitar Lemonades – Looney Tune
15.Frost Hardr – Thrash Against Sin
16.The Migraines – Altar Ego
17.Far From Close – Wholly My Lord
18.The Guitar Lemonades – Pad Thai (6 versions)
19.Happy Little Day – Happy Birthday Again

Love You To Death 2016

1.Love You To Death
2.What Does The Fool Say
3.The Lust, The Flesh, The Eyes & The Pride Of Life
4.Get Your Hands Dirty
6.Sunday Skool Rawk
7. Teenage Royalty
8.Heads Will Roll
9.It's Not Pig Latin (Itsay Otnay)
10.Judgment Stick
12.Ben Moors
13.Red, White, Or Blue (Colour Me)