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Opus Majestic Discography (2003 - 2016)

Awaken In The Land Of Dreams (demo) 2003

1.Of fire And Holy Smoke 
2. Upon Falling Sunbeams 
3. Land of Dreams 
4. In the Glare of the Ash Tree 

 Temptation of the Ring 2003

1.March of the Goblins 
2. Silent Undead 
3. Mithrandir 
4. Temptation of the Ring 
5. Divinity 
6. Die Not Forever 

The Pain of God 2004

1. Riding To Ruin 
2. A New Sun Rises 
3. Of Fire And Holy Smoke 
4. The Pain Of God 

 Ewiges Licht EP 2010

 1. Ewiges Licht 04:25
2. Schliess Deine Augen 05:43
3. Himmelsnacht 04:33
4. Ewiges Licht KONZIL Remix 04:24
5. Ewiges Licht DRD4 Remix 05:51

Five 2011

3.Die Mauren
4.Beyond the Fifth Mountain
5.Gefallen - Truncated Memory Mix by SLEEP CLINIC
6.Beyond the Fifth Mountain - Epic Mix by DRD4

  Wandering Thy Sacred Path in the Land of Dreams (compilation) 2015

Side A
1.Of Fire and Holy Smoke
2.Upon Falling Sunbeams
3.Land of Dreams
4.In the Glare of the Ash Tree

Side B
1.Intro (instrumental)
2.Wandering Thy Sacred Path
3.The Door that Could not be Closed (instrumental)
4.Demons Bane
6.Interlude (instrumental)
7.The Goblin that Wept (instrumental)
8.Arrival of the Holy One

 Footfalls amidst the Darkness 2016

 1.Strange Mists of Dawn
2.Dark Paths and Endless Shadows
3.The Hearth of Emerald Fire
4.Stain Upon the Goblin's gate
5.Enshroudment of the Dragon
6.Gnomes of the Old Oak

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