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Mortification Discography (1991 - 2017)

Metal Missionaires (VHS) 1991

1.Metal Missionaries

Mortification 1991

1.Until The End
2.Brutal Warfare 
3.Bathed In Blood 
4.Satan`s Doom 
5.Turn (
6.No Return 
7.Break The Curse 
8.New Awakening 
9.The Destroyer Beholds 
10.Journey Of Reconciliation 
11.The Majestic Infiltration Of Order 

Scrolls of the Megilloth 1992

2.Terminate Damnation
3.Eternal Lamentation
4.Raise The Chalice
6.Scrolls Of The Megilloth
7.Death Requiem
10.Ancient Prophecy

Post Momentary Affliction 1993

1.Allusions From The Valley Of Darkness
2.From The Valley Of Shadows
3.Human Condition
4.Distarnish Priest
5.Black Lion Of The Mind
6.Grind Planetarium
7.Pride Sanitarium
9.This Momentary Affliction
10.Flight Of Victory
12.Liquid Assets
13.Vital Fluids
14.The Sea Of Forgetfulness

 Live Planetarium (live) 1993

1.Grind Planetarium
2.Distarnish Priest
3.Brutal Warfare
4.Destroyer Beholds
6.Scrolls of the Megilloth
8.Time Crusaders
9.Black Snake (Bloodgood cover)
10.From the Valley of the Shadows
11.Human Condition
12.The Majestic Infiltration of Order
13.This Momentary Affliction

 Tourniquet / Mortification [Split] [EP] 1994

1.Bearing Gruesome Cargo
2.Acid Head
3.K517 + Ted Kirkpatrick Interview

4.Your Life
6.Love Song + Steve Rowe Interview

Blood World 1994

1.Clan Of The Light
2.Blood World
4.Your Life
5.Monks Of The High Lord
7.Love Song
8.Live By The Sword
10.Dark Allusions

The History Of Mortification (VHS) 1994

1.The History Of Mortification

Break The Curse 1994

1.Blood Sacrifice
2.Brutal Warfare
5.New Beginnings
6.Break The Curse
7.Illusion Of Life
8.Your Last Breath
9.Journey Of Reconciliation
10.The Majestic Infiltration Of Order
11.Butchered Mutilation [bonus]

 Primitive Rhythm Machine 1995

1.Primitive Rhythm Machine
3.Seen It All
4.The True Essence Of Power
5.Toxic Shock
6.40 : 31
7.Gut Wrench
8.Confused Belief
10.Killing Evil

EnVision EvAngeline 1996

1.EnVision EvAngeline (In Eight Parts)
2.Northern Storm
3.Peace In The Galaxy
4.Jehovah Nissi
5.Buried Into Obscurity
6.Chapel Of Hope
7.Noah Was A Knower
8.Crusade For The King

Noah Sat Down And Listened To The Mortification Live EP While Having A Coffee [EP] 1996

1.Envision A Beginning
2.Buried Into Obscurity
3.Steve Talks
4.Noah Was A Knower
5.Interview With Steve

 Live Without Fear (live) 1996

2.Northern Storm
3.Primitive Rythm Machine
4.New Beginnings
5.Grind Planetarium
7.Steve Talks
8.The Majestic Infiltration Of Order
9.Jesus Grind Satan's Head
10.Killing Evil

 Envideon (VHS) 1996

1.EnVision EvAngeline
2.Northern Storm
3.Peace in the Galaxy
4 Monks of the High Lord
5.Noah was a Knower
6.Primitive Rhythm Machine (Live)
7.Mephibosheth (Live)
8.1991 clip

 Triumph of Mercy 1998

1.At War With War
2.Triumph Of Mercy
3.Welcome To The Palodrome
4.From Your Side
6.Drain Dweller
7.Raw Is The Stonewood Temple
8.Unified Truth
9.Visited By An Angel

 10 Years Live Not Dead (live) 1999

 1.Dead Man Walking
2.Buried Into Obscurity
5.Peace in the Galaxy
6.Hammer of God
8.Steve Thanks
10.Chapel of Hope
11.Liberal Mediocrity
12.God Rulz
13.King of Kings

Hammer of God 1999

1.Metal Crusade
3.Lock Up The Night
4.In The Woods
5.A Pearl
6.Hammer Of God
7.Liberal Mediocrity
8.Extreme Conditions
9.Ride The Light
11.Medley )
12.God Rulz
13.At War With War (97 Demo Version)
14.Visited By An Angel (97 Demo Version)
15.Unified Truth (97 Demo Version) (
16.Metal Crusade (Instrumental Version)

The Silver Cord Is Severed 2001

1.Metal Blessing
2.Access Denied
4.Bring The Joy
5.Standing At The Door Of Death
6.Whom They Would Kill
7.I Am A Revolutionary
8.Forsake The Flesh
9.Sensitive Nerve Endings
10.The Silver Cord Is Severed

Conquer Of The World (DVD) 2001

2.Metal Blessing
3.South Africa
6.South/Latin America
7.Access Denied
8.More South America
9.Standing At the Door of Death
10.Funny Stories & Bloopers

Relentless 2002

2.Web of Fire
3.God Shape Void
4.Priests of the Underground
5.Bring Release
7.The Other Side of the Coin
8.Altar of God
10.3 of a Kind (
11.Arm of the Annointed
12.New York Skies
13.Apocalyptic Terror

Brain Cleaner 2004

2.Too Much Pain
3.Purest Intent
4.Free As a Bird
5.Brain Cleaner
6.I''m Not Your Commodity
7.The Flu Virus
8.Livin'' Like a Zombie
9.12 Men
10.Louder than the Devil

Grinds Planet (DVD) 2005

2.Terminate Damnation
3.Grind Planets On Tour: Part 1
5.Grind Planets On Tour: Part 2
6.Until The End
7.Grind Planets On Tour: Part 3
8.The Destroyer Beholds
9.Grind Planets On Tour: Part 4
10.Raise The Chalice
11.The Making Of Scrolls Of The Megilloth
12.Eternal Lamenation
13.Grind Planets On Tour: Part 5
14.Satans Doom
15.Scripture Reflection by Steve Rowe
16.The Majestic Infiltration Of Order
18.Live At The Arthouse (1992)

Erasing the Goblin 2006

2.Erasing The Goblin
3.The Dead Shall Be Judged
4.Escape The Blasphemous Tabernacle
5.Your Time
6.Forged In Stone
7.Way Truth Life
9.Short Circuit
10.Dead Man Walking

 Live Planetarium (DVD) 2006

1.Grind Planetarium
2.Distarnish Priest
3.The History So Far
4.Brutal Warfare
5.Scrolls of the Megilloth
6.On Playing Live: Part 1
8.Time Crusaders
9.The Dark Side
10.Black Snake
11.Grind Planetarium (Concept Clip Intro)
12.Grind Planetarium (Concept Clip)
13.Human Condition
14.On Playing Live: Part 2
15.Steve Talks
16.God Rulz
17.This Momentary Affliction
18.On Music Styles
19.Scrolls Of The Megilloth (Concept Clip Intro)
20.Scrolls Of The Megilloth (Concept Clip)
21.Credits And Final Comments

Live Humanitarian (live) 2007

1.Erasing the Goblin
2.I'm Not Your Commodity
3.Hammer of God
4.Purest Intent
5.Medley: Lymphosarcoma/The Destroyer Beholds/Distarnish Priest/Love Song
6.Priests of the Underground
7.The Dead Shall Be Judged
8.Spoken Word I
10.Spoken Word II
11.Dead Man Walking
12.Standing at the Door of Death
13.Spoken Word III
14.Escape the Blasphemous Tabernacle
15.Spoken Word IV (
16.Chapel of Hope

Live Humanitarian 2008

Disc 1:

1.Erasing The Goblin
2.I’m Not Your Commodity
3.Hammer Of God
4.Purest Intent
6.Priests of the Underground
7.The Dead Shall be Judged
8.Spoken Word (Part 1)
10.Spoken Word (Part 2)
11.Dead Man Walking
12.Standing at the Door of Death
13.Spoken Word (Part 3)
14.Escape the Blasphemous Tabernacle
15.Spoken Word (Part 4)
16.Chapel of Hope

Disc 2:

1.Steve's House (Part 1)
2.Envision Evangeline Film 1996
3.Steve's House (Part 2)
4.European Tour Highlights
5.Steve's Throwing Hobby

The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine 2009

1.The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine
2.A Sense Of Eternity
3.Elasticised Outrage
4.Pushing The Envelope Of The Red Sonrise
5.I'm Not Confused
6.The Master Of Reinvention
7.Pilots Hanging From Shoulder Dust
8.One Man With Courage Makes A Majority
9.Alexander The Metalworker
10.Resurrection Band (A Tribute To Rez)

Twenty Years in the Underground (compilation) 2010

Disc 1

2.Grind Planetarium
4.Hammer of God
5.The Majestic
6.Eyes of Destruction (live)
7.Searching (live)
8.City Streets (live)
9.Bloodworld (live)
10.Scrolls Of The Megilloth (live)
11.Spoken Word Part I (live)
12.New Beginnings (live)
13.Spoken Word Part II (live)
14.Chapel Of Hope (live)
15.Spoken Word Part III (live)
16.Spoken Word Part III (live)
17.Spoken Word Part IV (live)
18.12 Men (live)
19.I’m Not Your Commodity (live)
20.Priests Of The Underground (live)

1.Grind Planetarium (live)
2.Distarnish Priest (live)
3.Brutal Warfare (live)
4.The Destroyer Beholds (live)
5.Inflamed (live)
6.Scrolls Of The Megilloth (live)
7.Symbiosis (live)
8.Time Crusaders (live)
9.From The Valley Of The Shadows (live)
10.Human Condition (live)
11.The Majestic Infiltration Of Order (live)
12.This Momentary Affliction (live)
13.Metal Blessing (accoustic live)
14.Standing At The Door Of Death (accoustic live)
15.Your Life (accoustic live)
16.Grind Planetarium (accoustic live)

 Scribe Of The Pentateuch EP 2012

2.In Garland Hall
3.The Jaws Of Life
4.Scribe Of The Pentateuch
5.Weapons Of Mass Salvation
6.The White Death

Realm of the Skelataur 2015

1.The Cost
2.Feed Your Hungry Ears
3.Extrinsick Forces
4.Realm of the Skelataur
5.Slaughter Demon Headz
6.Our Anthem
7.40 Day Fast
8.Total Thrashing Death
10.Grave Sucking
11.Pushing Weird Buttons

Shades of Death - A Best of Mortification (compilation) 2017

1.Scrolls of the Megiloth
2.Three of a Kind
3.Youir Life
4.God Shaped Void
5.Noah was a knower
6.Destroyer Beholds
7.From the Valley of the Shadows
8.Human Condition
9.Toxic Shock
10.Love Song
12.The Other Side of the Coin
13.Bring the Joy
14.At War with War
15.Free as a Bird
16.Realm of the Skelataur
17.Way Truth Life
18.Flight of Victory

Ancient Prophecy / Overseer EP 2017

Side A
1.Ancient Prophecy 
2.Time Crusaders

Side B
2.Butchered Mutilation

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