Sonntag, 6. Juni 2010

O, Majestic Winter Discography (2009 - 2015)

Defiling The Serpent's Temple 2009


1. Like an Owl Among the Ruins
2. The Battle of Frostvale
3. Christ is Lord There is no Other
4. The Dead in Christ Shall Arise First
5. Calm of Winter
6. Destroying the Demonic Altar
7. To Praise the Eternal
8. Watchtowers of the Holy Kingdom
9. Deaths Frozen Grip
10. Caverns of Unspeakable Darkness

An Autumn Moon 2009

 1. Rainfall in the Grey Fields
2. Shadows of Hell
3. Kingdom Under the World
4. Deep in Darkness
5. An Autumn Moon
6. Tears in the Forest
7. Suspended above…I weep Below
8. Despairium
9. Keeper of Men’s Souls
10. Sunrise Across the Grey Fields (Ft. Constantine Gros)

Eternal Shores A Spiritual Odyssey 2015

1. Behind The Breathing Sea
2. To Journey With Hope In One's Heart
3. The Unrest Of Peaceful Waters
4. Tempest Of The Great Owl
5. Halcyon: A Gale's Passing
6. Engora: The Forest In The Sea
7. To Journey With Focus In One;s Gaze
8. Valdonia: The Vulturous
9. To Journey With Faith In One's Spirit
10. Psalm Of The Oceanborn
11. Terminus: The Final Deluge
12. Eternal Shores

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