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Dysfunctional Rotout Discography (2008 - 2010)


Xantravor (demo) 2008

1.Within Focus 
 2.Sight for Sore Eyes 
 3.Sure Shot 
 4.Count Your Days 
 5.Erode of Obsession 
 6.Putting Them Back Where They Belong 
 7.Fire Within These Scars 
  8.For The Fallen Ones(bonus track)

Demo 2009

1.Exaltation Through Praise 
 2.Ritualistic Monastery 
3. The Rot Process 
4. Cursed, Mocked, Twisted 
5. Suffocation of Truth

The Three Chapters Of A Blissful Grace 2009

1. Blossom ''Chapter 1''
2. Betrayer
3. Shadowed
4. Protector
5. Reasoned
6. Chapter 2
7. Gifted
8. Suffocated
9. Chapter 3
10. Scourged And Crowned
11. The Real World
12. Brutal Disfiguration From The Holy Bell
13. Triumph

The Devouring Feed 2009

1. Preparing the Way 
2. Concept Within the Flesh 
3. Mutilators 
4. Breath of Hell 
5. The Forgiving Power of Jesus Christ

 Cow Rot -  Dysfunctional Rotout / Dead Risen /(split) 2009

01.Dysfunctional Rotout - Welcome To Reality
02.Dysfunctional Rotout - Autopsy:Insanity
03.Dysfunctional Rotout - Stolen Innocence
04.Dysfunctional Rotout - By the Hands of God
05.Dysfunctional Rotout - Deformed
06.Dysfunctional Rotout - Preparing the Way
07.Dysfunctional Rotout - Concept Within the Flesh
08.Dysfunctional Rotout - Mutilators
09.Dysfunctional Rotout - Breath of Hell
10.Dysfunctional Rotout - The Forgiving Power of Jesus Christ
11.Dead Risen - Resisted To Bloodshed
12.Dead Risen - I AM
13.Dead Risen - Hour of Trial
14.Dead Risen - The Knocking
15.Dead Risen - Into Your Heart
16.Dead Risen - Symbiotic Ghost
17.Dead Risen - Forever
18.Hell Bovine - Gigantic Cow Vs. Big Lizard
19.Hell Bovine - Drive Through Diner
20.Hell Bovine - Aussie Osbourne
21.Hell Bovine - Why Are You Dancing?
22.Hell Bovine - Rigorous Fart Tempo Change
23.Hell Bovine - Rotten Taco Sewage
24.Hell Bovine - Of Fate and Dentistry
25.Hell Bovine - Delete Your Liespace
26.Hell Bovine - Sorry About Using Your Name In Vain
27.Hell Bovine - Dysfunctionally Rotting Out

 Goosebumps Theme Song (single)

0.Goosebumps Theme Song (Feat. Max - Fleshdeath)

 A Silence Apocalypse 2010

1.Process of Redemption
3.No Time for Reasoning
4.To Suffer

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