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Victimes De Regime Discography (2012 - 2015)

As Sheep To The Slaughter 2012

1.Change The World
2.A More Perfect Union
3.Agenda 1
4.American Combatants
5.In The Name Of The Empire
6.Don't Worry I Am God
7.Peace And Safety
8.Rights Of One Man
9.Sheep To The Slaughter
10.When History Repeats Itself
11.The Danger In Thought
12.The Media Is A Lie
13.It Will All End In Fire

 The Blood of the saints is the seed of the church 2013

1.Christopher S. Feltner - Omnipresent 
2. Baptizer - Genisis 3:1 - 5 
3. Black Magic Marker - Raw Meat (the gory story of love), Only the Shroud Remains
4.Clang Quartet - Last Prayer
5.Ataraxy - Bludgeoned to Death
6.Victimes De Regime - my God my God why have you Forsaken me
7.Signal Bleed - Burned
8.Cistern - And they cast Him from the city and stoned Him

 Victimes De Regime / Internal Empty (split) 2015

1.Victimes De Regime – The Greatest Sin In The World
2.Internal Empty – Spit & Stab Wounds
3.Victimes De Regime – The Brutality Of Childbirth
4.Internal Empty – The Second Best Yodeler In Harlem (Finality)
5.Victimes De Regime – Horror At The Family Farm
6.Internal Empty – Not Only Not Interested But Disdain
7.Victimes De Regime – I'll Be Your Sweetheart
8.Internal Empty – Non Si Sevizia Un Paperino

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