Montag, 13. Oktober 2014

Sweet Crystal Discography (1985 - 2010)

Power-N-Glory (demo) 1985

1.Power and the Glory 
2. Lead Me to the Rock 
3.Now or Never
4. For Once in Your Lifetime 
5. Here, Now and Then 
6.Come On Over

Still Standing 2001
1. Do You Believe in Love 
2.Soldiers of the Crown
3. When I Think of You 
4. This Way Forever 
5.Messiah Song
6. In God We Trust 
7.No Two Masters
8. In Your Name 
9.Stand Up & Shout
10. Looking Back 

3 From 3 EP 2009

1.Holding Our Own 
3. Lion Of judah 
3 2010
1. Holding Our Own 
2.By The Book
3. Book Return 
4. Did You Come Here To Save Me? 
5.Prisoner, Unbound
6. Got To Get You Into My Life 
8.Lion Of Judah
9. Another Time, Another Place 
10.Us, Eternally
11. The Road Less Traveled 

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