Samstag, 11. Oktober 2014

Faithful Unto Death Discography (2011 - 2016)

Coming Home 2011

2.Born and Bred
3.Capacity to Suffer
4.Calling the Nations to Account
5.Exploit (ft. Myles Schuurman)
6.All Talk
7.Proclaim Freedom (ft. Brendan Watts)
8.Hosanna (ft. Kristen Essery)

Give Up, Grow Old EP 2012

1.Give Up, Grow Old
2.Love Devoid Of Feeling
3.The Other Son
4. Yemkela (Blindside Cover)

Epistemology 2013

1.Positivist [Lenses]
2.Phenomenalist [Mirrors]
3.In Transit [Kaleidoscope]
4. Critical Realist [Telescope]
5. Again For The First Time

...Of It All 2016

1.Pain And The Joy Of It All
2.The Mirror Stage
3.Missing Limbs
4.Perhaps, My Loves
6. Joy And The Pain Of It All    

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