Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014

The Smiley Kids Discography (1999 - 2001)

Don't Get Bored 1999

2.Jesus Is My Shrink
3. Frowney Clowney
4. Fill The Gaps (Foundation)
5. Plants Are Dying
6. Love Your Enemies
7.Bomb The Hill
8. Guard Your Heart
9. Score Goals Not Drugs
10.Alameda Hill
11.Army Of Light
12.Always O.K.
13. Pottymouth
15.Imitation Cross
16.Helping Hand

Skate And Smile Collection 2001

2.Jesus Is My Shrink
3.Left Behind
4. Frowney Clowney
5. Fill The Gaps
6.Not Alone
7. Love Your Enemies
8. SK8 And Smile
9.Always O.K.
10. Score Goals Not Drugs
13. Helping Hand 
14. It's Not Us
15.Plants Are Dying
16.Bomb The Hill
17.Guard Your Heart
18. Alameda Hill
19.Army Of Light
20.Potty Mouth
21.Imitation Cross

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