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Tykküs Discography (1995 - 2014)

Tykküs (demo cassette) 1995

1.Born to Die 
2. Give Your Life 
3.With His Love

Live: Clams & All (live) 2004

1.Rockin' with You 
2.With His Love
3.Give Your Life
4. How Can I Convince You 
5. In the Night (Saint cover) 
7. Make the Right Move 
8.Born to Die

Ümlaut EP 2005

1.Born to Die
2.Convince You 
4. With His Love 
5. Born to Die (demo)

Convince You Too (single) 2006

1.Convince You Too 
 Hystorykküs Maximüs (compilation) 2006

1.The Reign [Rizer] 
2. Soul Patrol [Rizer] 
3. Born Again [Rizer] 
4. Make the Right Move [Rizer] 
5. The Giver [Rizer] 
6. Stand Up and Praise Him [Rizer] 
7.Born to Die (demo)
8. Give Your Life (demo) 
9.With His Love (demo)
10. With His Love (live) 
11.Give Your Life (live)
12. How Can I Convince You (live) 
13. In the Night (live) [Saint cover] 
14.Warfare (live)
15. Make the Right Move (live) 
16.Born to Die (live)
17. Rockin' With You (live) 
  Demo 2007 
1. King Among Thieves 
2.Save Me
3. Chasing the Wind 
 Warfare (single) 2014

2. Warfare (live)
 Convince You (single) 2014

1.Convince You 
2. Convince You Too

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