Montag, 13. Oktober 2014

Symptoms of Insanity Discography (2012 - 2014)

Fade Away (single) 2012

1.Fade Away 
Demo 2012
1.Fade Away
2. Silent Emotion 

Social Insecurity EP 2012

1.Reason for Fear 
2. Symptoms of Insanity
3.Spancill Hill 
4.Fade Away

Silent Emotion 2013

1.A Desolation Song (Agalloch Cover) 
2.Fade Away
3. No Record of Wrongs 
4. Pursuit of Vikings (Amon Amarth Cover) 
5.Reason for Fear
6. Silent Emotion 
7. Social Insecurity (One Thousand Years of Death) 
8.Spancill Hill

Shadows Dance... And I Look to the Sky (demo) 2013

1. Shadows Dance... And I Look to the Sky 
 No Record of Wrongs (single) 2014

1.No Record of Wrongs 
 Waking Up 2014
1. No Record of Wrongs 
2.Fade Away
3.Reason for Fear
5. Waking Up 
6. One Thousand Years of Death 
8. Shadows Dance... And I Look to the Sky
9. The Pursuit of Vikings (Amon Amarth cover)

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