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The Empty Tomb Discography (2009 - 2010)

The Empty Tomb EP 2009

1.The Wounds Of Christ
2. Three Nails
3. Dying For Sin
4. .Upon The Cross
5. The Empty Tomb
6. Beware The Wicked
7. Raised From The Dead

 The Third Day EP 2010

1.Exiled To Babylon 
2. Light Of Dawn 
3. The Proverbs Of Solomon 
4. The Great Intolerance

The Stage of Decay 
 Propagating The Abomination / Larval Mutation / The Empty Tomb / Cerebral Engorgement (split) 2010

1.Propagating The Abomination - The Stage of Decay
2..Propagating The Abomination - Grotesque Malformations
3.Propagating The Abomination - Cranial Impalement
4.Propagating The Abomination - Spewing Vaginal Gutpuss
5.Larval Mutation - Disseverment of the Womb
6.Larval Mutation - Fermenting Trauma
7.Larval Mutation - Spinal Malformation
8.The Empty Tomb - Exiled to Babylon
9.The Empty Tomb - Light of Dawn
10.The Empty Tomb - The Proverbs of Solomon
11.The Empty Tomb - The Great Intolerance
12.Cerebral Engorgement - Breeding in the Bowels
13.Cerebral Engorgement - Testicular Abortion
14.Cerebral Engorgement - Repulsive Secretion

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