Dienstag, 22. November 2011

Häxan Discography (2007 - 2011)

Witchkraft Concert 2007 

1.Réquiem in Am 
 2.The Dark of the Universe 
 3.A Poem 
 4.Nocturnal in Cm 
 5.Blood in my Pillow 
 6.Back to Me 
 7.Frozen Life in F#m 

In The Dark Of The Universe (single) 2008

1.In the Dark of the Universe 
2. My Heart of Sibila

Book Of Shadows (EP) 2008

01. A Poem
02. Nocturnal In Cm
03. In The Dark Of The Universe
04. The Lost Empire
05. The Cow Of Many Colors
06. Winter [bonus]

B-Sides And Rarities (EP) 2009

 01. Requiem In Am
02. Blood In My Pillow
03. Rare Nocturnal In Cm
04. Frozen Life

Memories Of Blood (single) 2010

1. A last rose for you... 
2. Memories of Blood (..in the end..) 

Abrasantia (single) 2011



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