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Demonic Dismemberment Discography (2005 - 2008)


Demo 2005

1.1st real Drum Song
2.Acto plasmic Entities
3.Articulating Gored...
4.Bile of Thruth
5.Bile Splatter
6.Death meath
7.Despersonalized Cong..
8.Destroy the evil Ones
9.Eruption of Homicider
10.Excremental Human O...
11.Exhumed Visceral Ab
12.First Song with drummachine!
13.Flesh Shishkabobs
14.Gore Splatter of Death
15.Inhumane Slaughter
16.Jesus christ is Lord
17.Maggot Infester Wor..
18.Putre Festicated Fe..
19.Regugitation of All demons
20.Screwdriver to the...
21.Sephilic Vomit Rotten
22.Septic Gore Splatter
23.Septic Korronic Hacktician
24.Septic Subduction
25.Sewage Swamp matter
26.Splatter Gore Septci War
28.Unredeemer sympbiosis
30.Unwilling Dead

  4-Way Sin Mutilation (split) 2006

1.Demonic Dismemberment - Acto Plasmic Entities
2.Demonic Dismemberment - Depersonalized Cogn...

 6-Way Sin Decomposition (split) 2007

11.Demonic Dismemberment – Disembowelment Satanicide
12.Demonic Dismemberment – Slow Down And Puke Out Your Bowels For The Master
13.Demonic Dismemberment – Gluttonic Spewage
14.Demonic Dismemberment – Blended Into Putrid Flesh Bile
15.Demonic Dismemberment – Divine Tribulation
16.Demonic Dismemberment – Exhumed Visceral Abominated Rot
17.Demonic Dismemberment – Horrific Mass Sin Mutilation
18.Demonic Dismemberment – Live Gore
19.Demonic Dismemberment – Acto Plasmic Entities Of The Flesh And Horrific Entrails
20.Demonic Dismemberment – Dismemberment
21.Demonic Dismemberment – Spewagly Engrossed Tumour Of Sin
22.Demonic Dismemberment – Maggot Infested Carcassile
23.Demonic Dismemberment – Tear Down False Gods
24.Demonic Dismemberment – Excremental Human Offal
25.Demonic Dismemberment – He Died For You And Me

Human Depravity (split) 2008

1.Intro to Dismemberment
2.Encased in a Sphere of Iniquity
3.Crucify Your Filthy Flesh
4.Unholy Indoctrination
5.Vomit Deplumation
6.Blood. The Essential Fluid
7.Crass as Sandpaper
8.No Condemnation in Christ
9.Hazardous (Consult Your Physician)
10.Thrombiosis Of Sin
11.Useless Binge Drinking Club Party Lifestyle
13.God is Love
14.Decomposition Of Sin
15.Bust a Move
16.Boiling With Righteous Anger
17.Swamp Thing
18.Absolute Truth in an Irrevocable Nutshell
19.Cognitive Exacerbation
20.Purge the Evil From This Land

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