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Rehumanize Discography (2008 - 2010)

Human Depravity 2008

1.He Ate With Sinners 
2.A.C.L.U. Shame on You 
3.Godless Culture 
4.Experiencia Sobrenatural 
5.Lukewarm and Getting Cold 
7.Dirty Business Epidemic 
8.Prayer Unto Holiness 
9.Enfermedad Grave 
10.Seasons at the Ward 
11.Contra Ti, Satan 
12.Critically Ill 
13.For Cross and Judgment 
14.Joel Osteen's Heresy 
15.Aborrecidos Por Su Nombre 
16.God or Nothing 
17.Greed in the Flesh 
18.What May Await You
19.Radio Unfriendly 
20.Hammering Satan's Head (Spanish) 

 Eternal Mystery / Rehumanize / Long Suffering 
 4-Way Noise Explosion (split) 2008

1.Long Suffering - Sing to the Lord 
2.Long Suffering - Mother Ruth 
3.Long Suffering - Ancient of Days 
4.Long Suffering - Give It to the Lord 
5.Long Suffering - 1 Corinthians 15 
6.Long Suffering - Steadfast 
7.Long Suffering - Great is the Lord 
8.Long Suffering - You Your Trespasses 
9.Rehumanize - He Ate with Sinners 
10.Rehumanize - ACLU - Shame on You 
 11.Rehumanize - Experiencia Sobrenatural
12.Rehumanize - Lukewarm and Getting Colder
13.Rehumanize - Televandalism
14.Rehumanize - Dirty Business Epidemic
15.Rehumanize - Prayer Unto Holiness
16.Rehumanize - Enfermedad Grave
17.Rehumanize - Seasons at the Ward
18.Rehumanize - Contra Ti, Satan
19.Rehumanize - Critically Ill
20.Rehumanize - For Cross and Judgement
21.Rehumanize - Joel Osteen's Heresy
22.Rehumanize - Aborrecidos Por Su Nombre
23.Rehumanize - God or Nothing
24.Rehumanize - Greed in the Flesh
25.Rehumanize - What May Await You
26.Rehumanize - Radio Unfriendly
27.Rehumanize - Hammering Satan's Head (Vomitorial Corpulence cover in Spanish)
28.Corpse Under Construction - Definitely Not Human
29.Corpse Under Construction - A Foretaste Of
30.Corpse Under Construction - Anacondachrist
31.Corpse Under Construction - Worms of the Underground
32.Corpse Under Construction - Bag of Sweets
33.Corpse Under Construction - Unnatural Order
34.Corpse Under Construction - Flaming Bonfire
35.Corpse Under Construction - Suffering on my Feet
36.Corpse Under Construction - Gore Party
37.Corpse Under Construction - Blasting World of Temptations
38.Corpse Under Construction - Why is He Laughing?
39.Corpse Under Construction - Hanging on Hooks
40.Corpse Under Construction - More that Musick
41.Corpse Under Construction - Esajas
42.Eternal Mystery - Intro
43.Eternal Mystery - A Taste of What Is To Come
44.Eternal Mystery - Crushed
45.Eternal Mystery - Insanity Plea
46.Eternal Mystery - Infanticide
47.Eternal Mystery - Pseudo-Christianity (Part 1)
48.Eternal Mystery - Pseudo-Christianity (Part 2)
49.Eternal Mystery - USA (United States of Absurdity)
50.Eternal Mystery - The Actor
51.Eternal Mystery - The New Face of Communism (Part 1)
52.Eternal Mystery - The New Face of Communism (Part 2)

Rehumanize / Long Suffering  Inhereted Corruption (split) 2009

1.Rehumanize - False Ecumenism 
2.Rehumanize - Human Quicksand 
3.Rehumanize - Solitary Confinement Survivor 
 4.Rehumanize - Noprah 
5.Rehumanize - Lakewood Cemetery 
6.Rehumanize - No problem of evil 
7.Rehumanize - Wasted and Spent 
8.Rehumanize - Demise of the adult industry III 
9.Long Suffering - Intro 
10.Long Suffering - O Lord Most High 
11.Long Suffering - Generational Deliverance 
12.Long Suffering - Jesus Christ 
13.Long Suffering - Mother Ruth 
14.Long Suffering - Bishop Ralph 
15.Long Suffering - My Son 
16.Long Suffering - Hosanna 
17.Long Suffering - Karin my Love 
18.Long Suffering - Touch the hem of His Garment 
19.Long Suffering - Slaves of Righteousness 
20.Long Suffering - Cast your Cares 
21.Long Suffering - Blessed be the Lord Jesus Christ 
22.Long Suffering - Put to death the deeds of the flesh

Resident Apostasy 2009

 1.Your Best Death Now
2.Unitarian Universal Ungodly
3.The Lakeland Delusion
4.Rick Warning
6.The Existence of Hell
7.In Paradise
8.Resident Apostasy
9.Hated Without Cause
10.Planet Laodicea
11.Joyce Liar
12.Creflo $
13.It’s a Fallen World After All
15.Moonbat Invasion!
16.Dismal Days
17.La Ira de Dios se Manifiesta
18.Demise of the Adult Industry
20.Financial Meltdown Collapse
22.Body Image Genocide
Supersized Megachurch
24.No Hay Que Temer
26.Repent and Believe

Grindocalypse EP 2010

 1.Justice Calls Our Name
2.Obligated to Suffer
3.Not Even One
4.The Lakeland Delusion (re-recorded)
5.The 7 Axioms of Christ
6.Psychopharmacologist (re-recorded)
7.With All Due Respect, Reverend
8.Kerney Thomas
 9.John Crowder
10.New Apostolic Deception
11.Extreme Prophetic Nightmare
12.Brain Decimation
13.Blame Pain
14.Demise of the Adult Industry III
16.N.I.F.M (No Intoxication For Me)
17.Sting of Conviction
18.Somebody Else
19.Body Image Anxiety

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