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Brutal War Discography (2006 - 2018)

Rage of Destruction 2006

1.Rage of Destruction 
2.Cast in the Fire 
3.Chaos of Insanity 
4.Kill and Destroy 
5.Marching to the Grave 
6.Raining Radiation 
7.Sacrificial Suicide 
8.Satan in the Command 
9.Sentence of Death 
10.Bloody Sacrifice 

 War Armageddon 2009

1.Cannons of Devastation 
2.War Armageddon
3.Torment of Souls 
4.World of Death 
5.Mortal Sickness 
6.Disfigured Faces 
7.Infernal Army 
8.Killing War Machine 
9.Chambers of Death 
10.Nazi Terror 

 Revelation 666 2011

1.Thorn in the Flesh 
2.Apocalyptic Horsemen 
3.Profane Nations 
4.Master of War 
5.Baphomet Spell 
6.Revelation 666 (Satanic Domain) 
7.Mass Hypnosis 
8.Gods of Leprosys 
9.Diabolical Attacks 
10.Altar do Sacrifício 

Hell Is Real  2014

1.Hell Is Real 
2.War Against Humanity 
3.World of Chaos
4.Malignant Lords of Flames 
5.March of Condemned Souls (instrumental)
6.Marching to Concentration Camps 
7.Puppets of System
8.Fallen Angel
9.Burying the Dead 
10.Divine Revelation of Hell

Revelation 666 2018

1.Thorn in the Flesh
2.Apocalyptic Horseman
3.Profane Nation
4.Master of War
5.Baphomet Spell
6.Revelation 666 (Satanic Domain)
7.Mass Hypnosis
8.Gods of Leprosy
9.Diabolical Attacks
10.Altar of Sacrifice

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