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Job For A Cowboy Discography (2004 - 2014)

Demo 2004

 1.Dead Stale Endings
2.What We Once Called Home
3.Day In Black 

 Doom EP 2005

1.Catharsis for the Buried (Intro)
2.Entombment of a Machine (
4.Knee Deep
5.Suspended by the Throat
6.The Rising Tide 

Demo (single) 2006


 Genesis 2007

1.Bearing The Serpent's Lamb
2.Reduced to Mere Filth
3.Altered From Catechization
6.Strings of Hypocrisy
7.Martyrdom Unsealed
9.The Divine Falsehood
10.Coalescing Prophecy 

Unfurling a Darkened Gospel (single) 2009

1.Unfurling a Darkened Gospel

 Ruination 2009

1.Unfurling a Darkened Gospel
2.Summon the Hounds
3.Constitutional Masturbation
4.Regurgitated Disinformation
5.March to Global Enslavement
6.Butchering the Enlightened
7.Lords of Chaos
8.Psychological Immorality
9.To Detonate and Exterminate

 Live Ruination EP 2010

1.The Matter of Splatter (Exhumed Cover)
2.Embedded (Live)
3.Altered from Catechization (Live)
4.Entombment of a Machine (Live)
5.Unfurling a Darkened Gospel (Live)
6.Regurgitated Disinformation (Live)

Bildergebnis für Misery Reformatory

Misery Reformatory (single) 2011

1.Misery Reformatory

 Gloom EP 2011

1.Misery Reformatory
2.Plastic Idols (
3.Execution Parade
4.Signature of Starving Power 

Nourishment Through Bloodshed (single) 2012

1.Nourishment Through Bloodshed

  Demonocracy 2012

1.Children Of Deceit
2.Nourishment Through Bloodshed
3.Imperium Wolves
4.Tongueless And Bound
5.Black Discharge
6.The Manipulation Stream
7.The Deity Misconception
9.Tarnished Gluttony

Sun Eater 2014

1.Eating the Visions of God
2.Sun of Nihility
3.The Stone Cross
4.The Synthetic Sea
5.A Global Shift
6.The Celestial Antidote
7.Encircled by Mirrors
8.Buried Monuments
9.Worming Nightfall

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