Dienstag, 27. Juli 2010

Prophecies Discography (2007 - 2009)


Open Your Eyes (single) 2007

1.Open Your Eyes

Time of the Truth 2007

1.Psalm of Hope
2.Prophecies the day of the final Judgment
3.Open Your Eyes
4.The time of the truth

Rehearsal (demo) 2007

1.Open your eyes 
2.Time of the truth 

  Live Franca 2007 

1.Psalm of Hope 
2.Prophecies the day of the final Judgment 
3.Open your eyes 
4.Invert to inverted cross 
5.The way and answers 
6.The Time of the truth 

 Scourges - DT II (demo) 2008

1.The scourges 
2.Destruction of Persecute 
3.Spiritual War 
4.The Way and Answers 
5.The Time of the Truth 
6.Invert to inverted cross (Horde Cover) 

  Live in Crash Church (demo) 2008

1.Fall of the Beast 
2.Fear of Torment 
3.Prophecies the day of the final Judgment 
4.Psalm of Holp 
5.The Scourges 
6.Spiritual War 
7.Open your eyes 
8.The way and anwsear

Scourge of Diabolical Kings (demo) 2009

3.Fear of torment 

 Live in Batatais 2009

1.Psalm of Hope 
3.Fear of Torment 
4.The way and answers 
5.The Time of the truth 
6.Spiritual War
7.Prophecies the day of the final Judgment 
8.Invert to inverted cross 
9.Open your eyes

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