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Blood from Above Discography (2005 - 2008)


The Winning Fight (demo) 2005

1.Swordplay Advantage
2.Bow Out Disgracefully
3.Holy Spirit Tonguefire Pt.1
4.The Coming Day
5.Plastic Outlook
6.Battle for Inheritance
7.Holy Spirit Tonguefire Pt.2
8.Blood from Above
9.Thoroughly Destroyed
11.The Shepherd
12.After Recess
14.The Clown Disease
15.O Infinite Lifegiver
16.Forever Going Forward
17.Brain Riding on Barbed Wire
18.I Am the Bride
19.Removed from the Waves of Babylon
20.Holy Spirit Tonguefire Pt.3

Under the Shadow of Your Wings (demo) 2006

1.The Great I Am
2.The Persistence of Resistance
3.Color Coding
4.Holy Spirit Tonguefire Pt.4
5.Holy Spirit Tonguefire Pt.5
6.Allah Is Satan
7.Holy Spirit Tonguefire Pt.6
8.Killing the Chemicals
9.Holy Spirit Tonguefire Pt.7
10.Between My Life and Death
11.No Blind Love (Song for God)
12.No Blind Hatred (Curse for Satan)
13.Beautiful Violence
14.Holy Spirit Tonguefire Pt.8
16.No Turn on Red
17.Holy Spirit Tonguefire Pt.9
18.The Shepherd (re-recorded)
19.Holy Spirit Tonguefire Pt.10
20.Servant of the Vindicator

Musical Warfare 2008

1.Galaxy in Distress
2.Great Bursts of Light
3.Forth to Sow
4.Portfolio to Eternity
9.Between the Soothing Breeze and the Painful Flame
10.The Bliss to Come
11.Warring in the Spirit

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