Montag, 20. Februar 2012

Step Cousin Discography (2000 - 2012)

Experiments in Sound 2000

 1.Where the Door Leads
2.Bitter Reminder
3.Slide The Wheel
4.To the Grave
5.Can't Get Out"(Vengeance Rising Cover)
6.Raised from the Silence
8.Take It All Away
9.You Remain

  Innocence Before Oblivion 2002

2.Break My Legs
3.Lonely Gardens
4.Wash Away
5.Standing on the Mountain
6.Power Junkie
7.Hate Me
8.I Was Alive
9.Hook Through the Lip
10.Inside This Mind
11.God in a Box
12.Spell of the World
13.Treading Tainted Waters

The Evolution Religion 2009

1.In My Darkest Hour
2.Behind the Veil
3.The Evolution Religion
4.Tears On My Pillow
6.A Friend Like You
9.Life And Dreams
10.I Don't Need It
11.This Is The Time

  Experiments In Sound (Special Edition) 2012

1.Where The Door Leads 
2.Bitter Reminder 
3.Slide The Wheel 
4.To The Grave
5.Can't Get Out 
6.Raised From The Silence 
8.Take It All Away 
9.You Remain
10.I Will Surrender 
11.Bitter Reminder  2
13.Fear No Fear 
14.Prodigal and Swine

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