Freitag, 10. Februar 2012

Mindfist Дискографија (2006 -2010)

Mindfist EP 2006

2. Continuous Devourment 
3.Swallowed By Itself 
4.Neglecting the Nail-Thoughts 
5.Gatekeepers (Evil Reborn) 
6.Amid The Coldscapes of Thought

Ocean Of Acrimony 2010

1.Once again ...forever? 
3.Train to absinthia 
5.Vulvae vacuum 
6.Opus delicti 
7.Liquid coldshapes 
8.Hole in the hollow being 
9.Mosquitos E.C.G 
10.Not ton[(e)s] 
11.Vibrating remembrance 
12.Paradox of perfection? 
13.Forever? ...once again

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