Freitag, 10. Februar 2012

Mortality Дискографија (2003 - 2007)

Collaboration (demo) 2003

1.My Suffering Memory 
2.Kill With Thought 
5.Your Brain 
6.The Thought 
7.No More Suffering 
8.I Lost My Breath 
9.Suffering Life 

  Warriors of misfortune (single) 2004

1.Warriors of misfortune 

 Mark of Cain / Mortality 
 Only Dead Fish Swim With The Stream / The Art Of Revenge (split) 2007

1.Mortality - Cross the Limits 
2.Mortality - That Kills Me On 
3.Mortality - Destroy 
4.Mortality - Behind The Pain 
5.Mortality - The Other Face 
6.Mark of Cain - Intro 
7.Mark of Cain - Empty Tombs 
8.Mark of Cain - The Art of Revenge 
9.Mark of Cain - Rotting Alone 
10.Mark of Cain - Echoes of Redemption

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