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Overdrive (a.k.a. Damascus, White Knight, Heaven Quest) Discography (1987 - 2006)

Sacred Heart (demo) 1987

1.Gotta Have Faith 
2. Shelter and Strength 
3.Never Too Soon
4. Child of the Father 
5. High on God 
 Overdrive (demo) 1989

1.Big Guns 
3.Slow Song
4. Living Sacrifice 
5.Mark My Words
6. Rodent of the Piper 

A Grave Mistake  (demo) 1990

Side A
1.When The "Saints" Go Marching In 
2. Standing In Line 
Side B
1. Light A Candle for Me 
2. You Need A Friend 
 Remembering the Basher (compilation) 2006

1Bring Out the Big Guns 
3.Shelter and Strength 
4.Living Sacrifice
5.Mark My Words
6. Rodent of the Piper 
8.When the Saints 
9.Standing in Line
10. Light a Candle for Me 
11.You Need A Friend
13. Gotta Have Faith (Sacred Heart 1987) 
14. Shelter and Strength (Sacred Heart 1987) 
15. Never Too Soon (Sacred Heart 1987) 
16. Child of the Father (Sacred Heart 1987) 
17. High on God (Sacred Heart 1987) 
18. Animate (Damascus (1985) 
19. Think of Me (Damascus (1985) 
20. Don't Worry (Damascus (1985) 
21. Rock 105 Interview

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