Samstag, 11. April 2015

David Thomazone Discography (2010 - 2015)

Echoes from a Heart of Scarecrow 2010

1.Before the Dusk 
2.Kingdom of Harps 
3.Dreams far Beyond 
4.Sonata to the Master 
5.Reflections of My Soul 
6.Train in the Way to Salvation 
7. Echoes from a Heart of Scarecrow
8. Guitarman X 
9.Waves of Future
10.Wings of Freedom 
11.Magic Lullaby 

 Só Deus resgata Israel (single) 2013

1.Só Deus resgata Israel

Backingtracks Volume 1 2015

1. Ancient Temple (Backingtrack)
2.Life and War Inside our Mind (Backingtrack) 
3.Will of God 

Ancient Temple 2015

1.Jesus Is Our Master
2.The Mysteries and the Sounds of the Universe 
3.Land of Miracles
4.The Promise of Eternal Life
5.Reflections of My Soul
6.The Interpretation of the Pharaoh's Dreams 
7.Ancient Temple of God
8.Thunder Machine
9.Song for Japan

  New Life (instrumental) 2015

1. New Life 
3.Wings of Freedom 
4.Guitar Koto
5.Sonata to My Master 
6. Só Deus resgata Israel 
7. Will of God

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