Mittwoch, 22. April 2015

Before the Torn Discography (2006 - 2011)

Behind Every Treason EP 2006

2.Bleeding for Better Days 
3. Behind Every Treason
4. The Day We Died 
5. Coming to an end 
  6 Days... and a Crushed Chest EP 2007

1.The Hardest Winter 
2.Rising from Within 
3. Through Fire and Hell 
  Burying Saints 2009
1. ...the Fall of Hope 
2.Hands of Salvation
3. The Sentence 
4.An Ocean of Pride
5. Broken, Dead, Defeated 
6. Burying Saints
7. Endless Calling 
9. Sinking Hearts 
10.My Last Words

The Serpent Smile 2011
1. Cosmopolitan Deathwish 
2. Last Night's Nightmare 
3. Poisonous Words 
4.This Will be Legend
5. Remember September 
7. Overlooked 
9. My Pray (feat. Vasco Ramos of More Than A Thousand) 
10.The Spirits

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