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Blacksoul Seraphim Discography (2012 - 2018)

Alms & Avarice 2012

1.Alms & Avarice 
2.Conspiracy of Exarchs 
3.Madness of Beggars 
4.Virtue & Vermin 
5.Dust Merchant 
6.Plague of Pawns 
7.Revelations of the Fallen 
8.Tarnishing of the Crown 
9.Psalm of Insurrection 
10.Song on the Times 

 The Squire (single) 2013

1.The Squire 

 The Catalyst (single) 2014

1.The Catalyst 

  Exalted Genocide (single) 2014

1. Exalted Genocide 

 Sightless Hero (single) 2014

1.Sightless Hero 

  Putrid Throne (single) 214

1.Putrid Throne 

  Unrest in Weary Weakened Men (single) 2014

1.Unrest in Weary Weakened Men

Hymns for the Vanquished 2015

1.Exalted Genocide 
2.The Catalyst
3.The Sightless Hero 
4.The Squire
5.Barren Martyr 
6.Putrid Throne
7.Neonatal Saint 
8.The Vessel
10.Infernal Harrowing 

  The Persecution Hymns EP 2016

1.Sunsworn Knight 
2.Pureblood Demon

Priestess of the Deep (single) 2018

1.Priestess of the Deep

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